Shot Blasting Garage Floor Prep

If you’ve considered doing any kind of resin coating on your garage floor or any other concrete service, you’ve probably heard that the surface preparation is critical. This is true. Preparation is actually the most important part of a quality epoxy or coating job. Without proper prep, you won’t get good adhesion and no matter what product you put on top, you’ll end up with bubbles, cracks, etc. The PROBLEM with proper preparation is that it takes TIME… and as you have probably found out, time means money.

At Quality Sealants, we can achieve perfect preparation in less time and with less mess using our dustless shot blast machine. After the surface is thoroughly prepared with this equipment, the concrete surface has a drastically improved adhesion level for resinous coatings. This way of preparation not only gives us the best surface to coat but does not use any water. This process also removes existing paints and coatings in one step. Ultimately, this Shot Blast method is a more efficient prep process than grinding or acid etching. We do not charge extra for this service, we just want to do what’s the best for our projects.

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